We provide multiple levels of service:

  • Tank level monitoring – Diesel, gasoline, LPG, Oils, lubricants, fuels , chemicals, specialty gases, especially industrial tanks of liquid & gases etc.
  • Backup Generator monitoring and control – Generac, Cummins, Kohler, Briggs and Stratton, etc.
  • School bus, Transit buses, people tracking with video surveillance
  • GPS tracking and reporting, Geofencing, Speed, direction, alarms, etc.
  • WiFi, Cellular or satellite based reporting
  • Trailer monitoring – Detection and inspection of trailers e.g. Monitoring arrival time.
  • Fleet monitoring – Real-time information of vehicle and driver.
  • Oil field equipment – Well pumps, Chemical Injection, Oil and Water tanks,fuel tanks , pumps, flow, etc.
  • Asset Tracking – Transports, used Oil trucks, Water and chemical delivery trucks, etc.
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring – Examining water content in soil,Agriculture applications.
  • Propane tank monitoring – LPG Trucks(Asset tracking with remote tank level monitoring).
  • Fertilizer monitoring – Humidity , Temperature inspection in ferlilizer.
  • Complete monitoring and control solutions ,Company backend connectivity.

SÉNA Corporation is a global company with offices in US, Puerto Rico and India. SÉNA offers to its’ Clients a superior level of cooperation and commitment. The staff at SÉNA works with the Client providing the type of support, workmanship and schedule adherence required to get the job done right the first time and on schedule.

Who we are

fertilizer monitoring

We are providers of electronic equipment monitoring hardware and Web based data services. We have been in the remote monitoring and asset tracking & control business for over 15 years and keep up with latest technologies in WiFi, Cellular and satellite communications.

SÉNA Corporation is a electronic hardware and services provider specializing in total asset tracking and monitoring solutions. We provide electronic hardware installation, maintenance and reporting to secure web sites and integration into Customer’s network.