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We have facility to produce advance work various industrial applications based on specially developed technology

feed monitoring system

Remote Monitoring

SENA Corporation’s delivering you a Solution – Tank Level Monitoring provides instant notifications of low inventory or high usage through special sensors which can constantly monitor oil, industrial gas , liquid levels in remote tanks.SENA also capable of propane(LPG) tank monitoring , soil moisture monitoring and fertilizer monitoring Real-time tank levels are recorded to see if levels are increasing or decreasing and gets alerats whenever particular thresholds are reached so that we can take immediate action on this critical condition by refilling/emptying industrial tank.Basic principle of remote tank monitoring is the content levels in the industrial tank are measured by sensor and that input is translated into electrical signal which is recorded by customer. There are many factors affects on selection of particular sensor used for monitoring purpose.Benefits of remote tank monitoring is it avoids costly overflow of liquids and industrial gases which prevents unneccessary wastage of resources.The task of assigning an employee to monitor a tank, take readings of levels , note those readings is being totally eliminated by automated remote tank monitoring solutions.

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mobile tank monitoring

Asset Tracking

SENA also capable of providing asset tracking unit for monitoring purpose of fleet , trailers , buses , containers , delivery trucks etc. Asset tracking carried out by using RFID or GPS tags which broadast object's location or by scanning labels attached to objects/assets.ETA technology is most popular nowadays for transportaion purpose.ETA application is available in services of SENA.These tracking units are placed/attached to vehicle.SENA also taking comand over fleet and trailor monitoring techniqes.Basic principle of this type of monitoring is geofencing in which location , speed , direction of vehicle is determined by GPS module components and further processes are carried out.

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soil moisture monitoring


M2M is leading technology used in manufacturing field for industrial tank monitoring purpose .SENA has been working in this industry from last decade and introducing new products to market.Liquid feed monitoring and Wireless tank monitoring , tracking of stationary and mobile, transit, school bus, delivery truck and shipping containers is achieved by use of M2M technology along with Iot.All units are interconnected to each other and Data from all units is tracked and processed on SENA's LCON websites.

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tanker monitoring

LCON 1.0/2.0

SENA Corporation created a user accessible global web site that collects data from various field units. Data from remote electronic monitoring devices, SCADA systems, 3rd part flow or pulse meters, pressure, temperature, humidity sensors is available locally or via the internet on SENA’s LCON web site. Secure customer login in provided with multiple access levels and main and sub companies, administrators, “view only” users, etc. Email and text message alerts can be set by the user and view historical trends to track usage and tank sizing.

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