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We have the ability and facilities to produce various industrial applications, based on your requirements and needs, using our specially developed technologies.


SENA offers a complete line of standard CNG packages ready for use in any of your applications. We have small custom packages that will serve small CNG fleets ranging from 2 to 20 vehicles and larger packages that will serve 10 to 150 vehicles, including transit buses, airport shuttle buses, garbage trucks, road sweepers, and other public forms of transport. Our primary focus is on delivering high quality, industry proven GE Gemini compressors. These are a horizontal, balanced, well constructed and designed engines that have a proven track record in the Oil and Gas industry for over 20 years. They have been employed in hundreds of CNG stations all over the U.S, and Canada. Click on the “READ MORE” tab for additional information.


Asset Tracking

SENA provides asset tracking services for fleet vehicles, trailers, buses, containers, delivery trucks and more. Asset tracking is carried out by using RFID, GPS tags, or both. Tracking Updates are done as frequent as 2 minutes and provide an accurate estimate of the time taken to travel distances or make deliveries. (ETA). The customer tracking of assets is accomplished using SENA’s secure LCON website allowing for worldwide access to global operations. The units are self- contained, weatherproofed, and small enough to attach anywhere on a vehicle. Click on the “READ MORE” tab for additional information..

Remote Monitoring

SENA Corporation’s Tank Level Monitoring provides instant notifications of low inventory or high usage through special sensors which can constantly monitor the levels of oil, fluids, industrial gas, water or other liquids in remote tanks. SENA is also capable of monitoring propane (LPG) tanks, soil moisture, and fertilizers. User defined thresholds and parameters result in a timely alert generation whenever these set parameters are exceeded or declined, allowing for timely corrective actions/measures to be taken. Click on the “READ MORE” tab for additional information.



Machine to Machine communication technology is the standard in today’s manufacturing and monitoring fields. SENA has been actively leading in the M2M industry for the last decade. Our M2M technologies currently support the following industries: Wireless liquid tank monitoring to include feeding water, and Petroleum tank monitoring. SENA’s M2M is also incorporated into the tracking of in transit school buses, delivery trucks, and shipping containers. These tracking methods measure unit interconnectivity and organizational data sharing, which can be recorded, processed and shared via SENA’s customer specific website via LCON, to help with advancing productivity, through research and development, using the data our technologies collect over the period of time, through such monitoring.

LCON 1.0/2.0

SENA Corporation has created LCON, a customer-accessible secure global website that collects encrypted, secure data from our customer’s field units. This monitored data is available locally or via the internet on the LCON website. The benefit of a secure customer log-in comes with multiple access levels to include both main and sub-companies, administrators, “view only” users, and much more. Customers can define or set their e-mail and text message alerts plus get to view historical trends to track asset usage, to help maximize productivity by taking corrective measures. Customer access to LCON is made possible by SENA’s smart phone/tablet app or exclusively through the SENA’s LCON website.